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I can't just hop around from place to place like this sweet bird! If I am somewhere, it is intentional and I have to make the most of it for my energy's sake. I got onto the couch/ computer space to to respond to a nice email from a subsciber. I have replied and I will use the extra time that I am relaxing here to write a post. Thank you for being here with me : )

Ive been thinking a lot about this lately... making the most of my energy reserves so not to waste strength. I've been planning a lot more, in my head. It is an incredible strategy that I highly recommend.

If resting in bed, getting off of my butt, stretching, meditating... while I am there I am planning my next moves. What am I going to eat? Like exactly what. And where is every single ingredient located and how long will it take to put together and how. I go through every little detail of the process in my head first, while I am resting. Exerting no energy. So then, when I get up, I am so incredibly intentional about what I am doing, it makes me hyper efficient, not sitting in my wheelchair for longer than I want to, not spending too much time and strength on anything.

I love this and it has really been helping me so much. I'm trying it out with all scenarios. Having conversations in my head beforehand. going outside to take care of the garden, in my head before I do it, making a video in my head before I do it. And definitely painting in my head before I lift the brush. Oh how I wish the art studio was synced up with my brain waves, I would have my artistic collection complete without having to put any extra strain on my arms and wrist and hand.

What else. What else should I write about while I'm here...

Most of my posts on this blog, I imagine they are a bit sad to read... but I do appreciate the dedicated space to express so honestly.

I will add some levity for balance.

Since I titled this post The Yellow Tanager, I will write about the birds that I share this environment with.

Above my head, while I'm laying in bed, there is a Tanager nest.

If you removed the roof from my bedroom, I could see more clearly the draping oak tree's branches cradling the space.

The Tanager are bright yellow.

They have a very loud and spritely call and fly super fast.

But the babies are growing slow.

They are the last of the new baby birds around the house to be born and grow.

The finches and the black phoebes have left their nest.

I'm so happy about that because I was getting quite distracted every day and night with concern and checking their space to make sure the cats were not nearby or that they were doing well etc.

I just cant help it, I knew they were there I couldn't ignore them, I had to feel like I could help if they needed me.

I'm going to end this post here.

Other birds in this area include: cooper's hawks, ravens, mourning doves, quails, egrets, swallows and hummingbirds and bats... are bats birds?

I hope your'e doing well.

Sending support.

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