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It's Been A Long Time Of Wondering

I started noticing more changes in my physical well being about 5 years ago. Unable to sit comfortably, losing strength on my hands and arms, insane migraines, fevers, extreme pain in my hips and right leg.

This photo is from a day maybe 4 years ago when I was living in Oak View, and making a video for my Youtube channel. I remember even that day how uncomfortable I was, but still wanted to do what I was doing that brought me so much joy. I loved sitting with that tree, making videos outside, loving all of the nature around me so much. I didn't know then that I had something progressively getting worse and destructive inside my spine.

Now I finally know that its a condition that started at the time of the accident and surgery 16 years ago. It's very rare, and hard to talk about because it's such a complex disorder.

Its called Adhesive Arachnoiditis effecting the arachnoid membrane of the spinal canal, becoming inflamed by even the slightest movements, crating scarred tissue which then tethers and traps all of the nerves coming down from the brain to the body. From videos Ive heard Drs talking about it as a painfully cruel occurrence and how awful it is to have to go through.

I recently made a post on Facebook after I returned from the neurologist and received the diagnosis. I described more details of my experience and expressed that I am open to and need help and support going forward.

The writing has been moved to my Patreon page which is set up for those who are able to become members of my support team, even through 3 or 10 dollars a month , collectively with others ,will add up to extra monthly support for me to be able to hire people to be in my life and help me go through this process.

I want to ensure that I have a peaceful and clean environment around me, that I am eating enough, that Im doing any gentle therapies that I can. I'm hopeful that this will not be too challenging as I can not complete these tasks on my own and need to hire people to do so.

I created a linktree which makes it easy to put all of my sites on one list. please check it out thank you so much for reading and for being a part of my life.

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