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Updated: May 14, 2020

I would love to be able to find more healing therapy for my everyday experience.

I do feel that my full time job is taking care of myself. I have a few things on my mind most everyday. Nutrition and hydration, making sure that my body is not hanging out in the same spot for too long, swimming, gardening, mindful breathing, keeping my environment clean and clear, some sort of creative expression and resting. That is about all I can handle in one day.

Occasionally I have assistance from Zoe my helper, maybe 3 hours a week, but keeping up with everything myself and taking care of two kitties and other household chores... I feel exhausted quite a lot! I'm writing all of this to say that I am...


I need a massage therapist once a week for my shoulders and arms and back, which is always so sore and I constantly have to be mindful of how I am moving to keep my self in check. Definitely I need help with massage. I can get onto a massage table and I would only need about 45 mins at a time. So grateful for any leads on this!

I need a therapist to talk to. I need someone to be able to talk about the scary side of all of this. About dying, about suffering, about immense challenge. I need to find someone who can go super deep with me. Thank you for any suggestions.

I would like to find someone to do qi gong with me. I feel it very important to move energy in my body when I am laying down so much or sitting all the time, I need to practice how to keep the energy flowing super strong.

I would love some friend therapy. I understand that friendships take time and dedication and energy and sometimes I fall short with having what it takes to maintain them... but I love having the opportunity to connect and share time with nice people. To share a hug, a conversation, go for a short scenic drive, help in the garden, make food, nice simple things. I feel I go at a different pace, very slow and mindful, I would love to share some quality time with others if possible. It is very healing indeed.

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