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What can I contribute to the world if I’m unable to get out of bed?

If my energy is being used only for getting up, lifting myself up to go back and forth to the bathroom and kitchen. To make sure I’m not injuring myself along the way.

What can I contribute?

When my day is mostly spent trying to get through it, eating properly and staying warm enough. Ensuring that I take care of my body so that I can continue living, getting some sort of exercise. Which seems to get more and more challenging as I grow older, being paralyzed with a spinal cord injury, atrophy and a wheelchair. When my heart and spirit long to help.

To create more beauty, harmony and alleviate suffering however possible. What do I do.

I breathe. I pay attention to beneficial things. I stay calm through the struggle. I tend to the health of my mental landscape, so that even from bed, I emanate positivity into this field, this plane of existence that we share together. My intentions and the patience that I show myself as I experience these challenges speak loudly into the ether. My dedication to not beat myself up for the fact that I’m physically unable to do more right now is nourishing not only to myself but to the whole as well. Embodying grace and tenderness through each small task, I’m able to offer something.

Please allow yourself as well this knowing. If you feel burnt out, too weak physically to get out there and make positive moves. You are doing more than you may realize. By loving your humanness with compassion and forgiveness. Building an empire of silent wisdom. Every heartbeat holding within and sending out an invisible healing. Your’e doing great.

Thank you for your contribution.

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