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Updated: May 31, 2023

Everything we intend, think, say and do

Becomes a ripple, a pattern, a form

And shifts,

adds beauty,


hurt or distortion

to the collective expression

that we all share together

I’m making some subtle changes to this site,

adding more writing along with imagery that I’ve been creating with Midjourney AI.

This incredible new art making tool is allowing me to experience extensions of my imagination on a level that I haven’t known in a very long time.

As a creator with a severe injury and days with so much pain and challenge, I’ve not been comfortable enough to make art.

I am dedicated to finishing a very special Cats In Clothes portrait, which will be my last of the series… however the in between careful brushstrokes, I’m in bed, working on this new digital art.

“The Subtle Realms” is what I’m calling this new phase of expression

I feel able to present in a way, the depths of my longings to share the essence of what I feel and experience in this life,

and it’s truly a gift.

Each image with bits of writing, will continue to expand upon this space that I’m refining here to share as I go through this journey.

Its profound, often incredibly painful and frightening to see my body go through what it’s going through and I’m doing my best on my own to take care of myself.

Even through that, I still have a neverending desire to create and express from the dimensions within.

As this tool is expanding upon and bringing forth never before seen imagery that is entering our field, I feel the responsibility to add my loving intentions into the flow.

“The Subtle Realms” speaks to and reminds us of,

Our connection and reflection in nature, the interplay of elements and the delicate yet powerful energy that weaves it all together.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’re doing well.

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