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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

I have been noticing that I have some new subscribers and this inspires me to write and share even though I have been in a quiet period for some time.

With the increase in energy all around, I have had to sort of take a step back and gift myself with some sort of rest amidst it all.

As a sensitive individual, and you may find this also to be true of you identify with being a highly sensitive person (its a thing) you may find as well that when stimuli becomes too overwhelming, you have to find a way to soothe yourself so not to break down.

Depression and confusion and anger and fear creates more chaos and sickness.

It has helped me recently to take this giant step back and take extra extra good care of myself.

Im already managing emotions around the way my body is and what I have to do to take care of myself, I just am not capable of handling any extra worry or challenge these days.

So, I dedicate myself everyday to have some sort of beautiful experience. I work on and admire the garden. I swim in the little pool that I have set up for me to feel like a dancing mermaid and move previously stuck energy through my body.

I gaze at the trees and birds.

Continuously refine my environment toward a more zen like space.

Having less stimuli aesthetically and more cleanliness allows me to feel more calm inside as well.

I rest a lot. I mean a lot. I may be turning into a sloth. But not in the negative sense of the word. Just realllly taking things slow and slower and slower. Resting, lounging around. Why would i want to sit in the wheelchair when i could be laying down and taking the pressure off of my bum.

Im not a bum, I just really want to save my bum.

I give my body , my bum, my mind, my space, they all get to chill.

Its a beautiful thing.

Its where a lot of healing takes place. In that silent still space.

No noise. No flashing news scaring me, making me sad or concerned for the wellbeing of others.

I know we are all going through our very own unique challenge.

We each have our own journeys to go through. If I think and feel into the immensity of that, what we all go through... wow.

Through hell and sometimes back and then into heaven.

All before we die.

I wish you the best on your path.

My advice is, sometimes its good to separate off another persona of you... to act as your caretaker. Whom you can always ask “what is the next best thing for me to do in this moment?” “How can I take care of myself and my body a little better in this moment” and listen to what that persona says. Be still and listen within. And eventually, you wont have to ask anymore. You may just hear a guiding voice that helps you throughout the day. And wow, that is so very helpful. And its love. Just there, always right there for you. ❤️

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