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Once in a while on this roller coaster ebb and flow journey, I feel stuck in anxiety loops. Especially when going through a period that feels overwhelming and uncomfortable. I had to check out these 5 things, to start, to ensure from my inner advisor, that I am doing what I can to take care of myself regardless of unpleasant circumstances. Maybe they can help someone else too <3

1. Occasionaly I realize that I have not been breathing well. Just shallow short breaths, almost feeling like Iv'e been holding my breath for maybe hours. Then I consciously fill my lungs and belly with a nice long deep breath and exhale, and it feels incredibly relieving. Then I think of all of the oxygen that I nourished my cells with and since I need to take care of my body, I continue mindfully breathing whenever I can.

2. If caught in an anxiety loop, not processing very well, I could be distracted and sort of lost for a long time, sort of zoning out. A mechanism that I slip into when I feel paralyzed by discomfort. Then I think, woah, when did I eat last and what should I eat now. Hydration and nourishing foods help smooth out the funk so so well. As I was writing on the wall I was eating dates nuts and yogurt and starting preparing some brown rice and vegetables. This makes me feel better.

3. Staying inside can be a loop of habit, sometimes I forget about the expansiveness and beauty and vitality of life there is just outside. If I go out there and spend 10 minutes or as long as I can, observing what's on the "big screen"... the sky the trees the birds the wind the moon rising... feeling into all of it, simultaneously connects me to the larger scope, and helps me experience a new perspective that is incredibly healing.

4. Whatever I take in, deep nourishing breaths, clean and nutritious food, the environment around me, the sounds, the scents, the scene... I become more harmonized with. Like the saying you are what you eat... also your diet can be whatever you take in on any level. Music for me sets the tone for my experience. If I feel too anxious or overwhelmed, feeling soothed or comforted while the feelings pass, is a beautiful thing. Listening to gentle sounds is one of the most helpful tools after using the fundamentals.

5. There is something that physically happens when you cross your arms in front of your chest, like you are hugging yourself for ten seconds or more. Something resets, or comes to a resting baseline. Give yourself a loving squeeze, close your eyes, say I love you, your'e doing the best that you can and take your time in this marathon, surrender to the current, wherever it wants to take you. Do what you can to cover the bases and let go of what you simply cannot control. Dwelling on that will make you have to do the 5 steps again and again and there must be more beautiful and enriching things for you to feel <3

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