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Today I am steeping chamomile, dandelion root, burdock and calendula.

To soothe my nervous system, body and mind.

I am upright in the standing frame, putting weight on my legs and feeling tall.

I woke up wondering what was going to happen and I checked and found that it seems to be a day of surrender.

A day of quiet intention and continuing forward

patiently and diligently

even though I cannot see the changes.

I ask myself,

Can I allow a day to go by without anything evident progressing?

I answered yes and took a sip of my tea.

Than I wondered,

Can I allow myself to be in the "world" (more specifically society at large)...

without committing myself to the aims of the "status quo"?

Is it possible to know what the "status quo" really is?

Thinking and thinking and a sort of lyric comes into thought;

An ever-shifting polarizing conglomeration of an infinite amount of parts

throughout the spectrum of all possibilities.

A swarm of bees and smoke

flying through the rain

on a sunny day.

I think it's best for me

to stay in a simple state of awe

admiring and being blown away by it all.

Thanks for reading! xo

(Cheers with tea)

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