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My world spins slow.

As I give myself more and more permission to do less and less.

I have to.

I've enlisted a designated part of me to take over.

I hear her instructions throughout the day and follow.

She says:

"Move now, like this" and I do it

"Eat this_ This is what we should eat right now" ... ok, thank you

"Rest now" "Have a bath now" "This now, That" ... ok, thank you

She is looking after me and I am grateful

This transition or process... it's knocked me out and has me needing to give up any sense of comprehension or control.

So it is a very comforting relief to have her guidance.

I guess you could say she is my "This is the next right thing to do" voice.

I had been building the habit of asking myself that, in times of intense overwhelm.

Pausing to breathe and stop all thought and silently ask What is the next right thing to do"

The next best thing. Next appropriate action regarding taking care of myself. Guide me, guide me, please.

I did it long enough I guess and now I have a voice that tells me before I even stop to ask.

So, whatever this beautiful helpful spirit is,

she has the wheel and the map.

I will observe from the backseat, maybe take a nap.

Some yarrow in the garden, along with herb seed flowers as the featured image. I hope you are well and I'm sending you support and love.

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