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Updated: May 24, 2020

Thank You for joining me here...

I am starting this blog and support page to have a space to share my experience and to talk about what I am going through and experiencing, and to talk about things that would benefit me which I need help acquiring. If you are unable to read on, but wish to contribute toward the standing frame that I am needing in my life, thank you so much, here is the gofundme LINK

I wish to honor the challenges and situations that come along with this later stage of being paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. To give the challenges a voice, to not be repressed, so that they may breath and hopefully transform... them and myself.

To document honestly what is happening, the hardships and the triumphs and for others to be with me if they would like, to sort of energetically hold my hand as I go.

Thank You

I will be writing more frequently about my experience. Posting about equipment that I really need, about things that would be helpful, and writing about and honoring the people that have been so helpful and lovely. Others truly do make a difference. With this incredibly overwhelming challenge, just to be heard and to have any bit of help and tenderness is profoundly powerful.

I hope that these writings and interpretations also may help someone going through a challenge in their life, to not feel alone. We can get through and overcome these struggles together.

Please visit the blog if you have some time and wish to read, thank you.

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