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My intention is to start sharing more about things that have helped me along my way in regards to physical health.

The awareness that has been developed over time, the ability to tune in and sense the most subtle effects and shifts has been one gift of the injury that occurred 15 years ago.

I didn’t stay on pain medication very long after the accident, maybe 6 months, And then I radically changed my diet and started learning about herbs and natural ways to heal my nervous system, keep myself calm and so the nerve pain has gotten less severe and my brain chemistry is balanced.

I used to be at the whim of extreme swings from manic depression to hyper mania, for most of my life and it was after the accident where my spinal cord was injured that I started tuning in more to how I could come into balance holistically. I am so grateful to have made that shift.

I’ve also learned how to relate to pain that happens whether it’s nerve damage high pitch pain, or chronic aches.

I’ve realized that softening and breathing into these things consciously has massive benefit over tensing and resisting against it.

There is a transcendent state that I’ve tapped into to live with these experiences gracefully.

I always thought that when I figured everything out perfectly, I would then begin sharing, but I feel that it’s always a work in progress and I don’t want to miss any opportunity to help anyone along the way if I can.

So this initial post is introducing my intention and explaining some of the details, and I will share more as time goes on.

I will share 2 products now however that have helped me have deeper rest, which is so important. It’s been so challenging with aches and pain and positioning myself throughout the night and using the restroom etc, it’s always an enormous blessing when I have a nourishing and rejuvinating nights sleep.

Recently I began making a tea about 2 hours before bed, combining a half teaspoon each of Reishi and Lions Mane mushroom powder. I ordered them from SunPotion in Santa Barbara. I’ve read online about this combination after feeling that I should be using them and was so pleasantly surprised by the info sharing with me how these two mushrooms combined benefit the nervous system and healthy sleep cycles.

I can definitely say that since I’ve been making this sleep enhancing tea I’ve been feeling a huge difference in the rising hours.

If you’re looking for something natural and gentle to try for better quality rest, I recommend!

So that’s all for now, my next post will be about a very special connection that I’ve been making, with a very special farm on very special land. It feels so sacred to me already and I’ve only just begun learning about the plants there and calling in their energies for my body.

This intuitive and organic unfolding over the years, of learning how to gently and naturally assist my body along, has been an enormous blessing. I am not going to give up. I am devoted to this, to help myself, my body, to align my heart and spirit and mind and body all together. It’s going to be a whole new journey learning how to share more about it, how to articulate what has been such a subtle and intuitive process. But I will, I know it’s a part of it all that I’m embracing more and more as I understand that while I can, I have this responsibility. When I know something is helpful, I will share to help others.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’re doing well and I’m sending so much love.

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